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Clothed With Thy Graces

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This was written after some insight at Mass one Sunday morning.

Clothed with thy Graces

Clothed with Thy graces
Woven by Your Mother Mary
Pure, white and spotless
This robe I wear
Made for me only

Morning bells are ringing
Sunday Mass at the Church of St. Paul
I kneel before Our Lady
To prepare to receive Our Lord

A stony bridge lies before me
Softly lit by the lamps’ warm glow
In the garden Mother sees me
And eagerly I cross the bridge to my home

So regal, yet so humble
Her welcome, the smile on her face
She radiates her Son’s beauty
I find myself in Mother’s embrace

And by the banks of the living water
I cleanse myself to prepare for my Lord
I shed the fear and all that has bound me
And don the robe that my Mother has brought

Girded by a blue sash;
The peace that draws thy graces here
Not the red of the martyr
But the pure love of Mother’s tears

And by the hand, Mother Mary leads me
Where the angels and saints all adore
And from the Cross, my Savior sees me
And every soul His Holy Sacrifice has bought

6/4 - 6/20/04 Paul Lisney