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Judas (alt. mix)

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He walked with the Lord as one of the twelve
And Jesus loved him as much as the rest
He ate and he drank and he talked with Our Lord
For three years was an intimate friend

But his faults they were many, his heart often hard
Though at times his love shone through
Hurt and confused, he was blinded by pride
But the truth was he loved Jesus too

Are we not the same as Judas?
Can’t you see him in you?
It isn’t too hard to find him in me
How many times must we turn from the truth?

The disciples complained, he just thinks of himself
We’ve seen him hoard money and cheat when we fast
He’s greedy and selfish and rarely will help
Leaving us to pick up his slack

My brothers, Jesus said, We must be kind
Judas hurts more than you and needs your love
His failings are many, his virtues are few
In love, the strong carry the weak

Our Lord was saddened and wept from His heart
His love for Judas as deep as for all
For Judas loved himself more than his God
Humility forsaken for pride

When Judas realized the wrong he had done
He threw down the money and frantically ran
Pursued by demons after his soul
In darkness he took his last fall

Can’t you feel the pain of Jesus
Knowing the ones He will lose?
How every soul is precious to Him
Forgiveness is offered but pride will refuse

Are we not the same as Judas
Closing our eyes and our hearts?
We must remember the courage of Peter
And humbly accept our mistakes of the past

11/10/99 © 1999 Paul Lisney