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Requiem For Mr. Blue

The Proods

It’s been a while…
This song was recorded with another verse, it ties the song together nicely but who the heck wants to listen to a 5 minute song about depressing stuff? We’re really looking forward to feedback from those of you who’ve like our stuff in the past. You all know who you are.

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Radio Roswell said

yes, great title and a true Proods tune. Listen to that wonderful reverb sparkling layer of guitar goodness.

Reefwalker said

Been too long man, had to revisit to get some Proods in.

doktordoktor said

Like the song guys, reminiscent of a 60s sound to me. nice to hear from you again.

Brett Warren said

Glad to see you’re back at it! I enjoy the dreamy flow of it, the flanged/trem guitar is nice and robust.

Jason H. Austin said

rockin! now im going around humming this with people looking at me like im crazy.

Guest said

Hey Joe! Great song. I recognize who it’s about….he would have loved this! Email me a copy of the long version, please!

The Zhinkies said

Well done gang…can’t wait to hear the 5 minute version.

Greg Connor said

Nice fresh sound. I love the tremolo.

Been a long time, it’s fun to hear a new one.

Colleen Dillon said

Love the minor melody lines that sneak up and surprise you… Missed hearing your lovely voices Proods! Another great one!

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