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Demon Fate Castle Nosferatu

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An unlicensed Castlevania knockoff rush-released in 1986, Demon Fate Nosferatu Castle is now chiefly remembered for its extremely repetitive soundtrack, a short theme that would be looped continuously throughout gameplay. An urban legend had it that those who played the game (or were otherwise exposed to the music) for an extended period of time would experience hallucinations, nosebleeds, and other strange side effects. This version of the theme is edited for the listener’s safety.

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Quetzalcoatlus said

This song isn't actually connected to Castlevania at all - It's just that as I was writing it, it started to remind me of the games, so I decided to make up the above fake backstory.

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Gene Eric Mann said

I adored the music to Castlevania IV. But it was the only one in the series I played, so I didn't recognize this track. But I would really enjoy hearing the music of IV again. Are you familiar with any of that?