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Uphill Climb

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Walking up the hill to my house, I could hear someone else walking behind me.
This isn’t too unusual, though it’s somewhat late at night and I live a bit far from the main part of town.
Suddenly, I realize that this other person is now in fact in front of me.
Since I never actually saw them pass me, I wondered if they ever did.
Maybe we switched bodies, and I am now watching myself walk up the hill.
Maybe they’re going to walk into my house, since they’re me
And I’m going to go to theirs
Although I’m not sure how I’d know where it is…
Whoever this person I may or may not have switched places with is,
They clearly also live up a large hill
And probably also work late
And don’t have a car
But maybe their job pays slightly better
Maybe they live with a beautiful girlfriend
And a cute dog
And they have their life figured out
Wait, if I switched with them, I feel like I’d know this stuff already
Guess I’m still me.