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twin tones

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A small taste of the ‘74 Twin Reverb. Blackfaced, master volume removed from circuit, two tubes pulled, old Celestion G12-80s (it wasn’t me). Les Paul with excellent PAF-style pickups (A5 neck, A2 bridge), stock pots and caps but good parts nonetheless, through 20’ of Canare cable into input “1” of the “Vibrato” channel. Modified “Bright” switch engaged. Volume on 6, all tones up around 8. Reverb on about 3 or 4. Single room mic, about 8’-10’ away. Note that there are two people - a drummer, setting up, and an interlocutor involved in conversation with the guitarist - in the same room with a Twin Reverb on 6. So that’s basically three people in the same room with a Twin Reverb on 6. Despite the Twin being on 6, none of the participants were injured during the experience.

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Let the humbucker loose.

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