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Riders on the Storm

Justin Otter Guy

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Justin Otter Guy (just another guy) and Gene Eric Mann (generic man) are the same musician. My originals are penned as Gene tunes ( and my covers are uploaded as Justin tunes (/redshirt).

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jimgoodinmusic said

Nice cover with a sense of your own thing. Nice earth in this Justin.

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Jason Earls said

Wow man, cool version, major Doors fan here...

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Message She Gave said

Wow, came here because of the kind words you left on my site, and I'm impressed for sure. I love that you don't do carbon copies of covers, you absolutely make them your own. Plus I know that by you covering the doors and Pink Floyd you're one hell of a guy, two of my favorite songs by 2 of my favorite bands. Keep it up man

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thetworegs said

Excellent version it !! the Indian vibe running through excellent..

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