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After several bottles of wine, thetworegs and I were able to coerce Elvis and a few others down in regs basement to come out for a long overdue collab. After all, isn't October collab month? Thanks again for the great vox!!
5 guitar tracks in open G tuning, Cheers!
Shout out to Tom Waits, one of my favs. Rumor has it, he has had a similar problem with his piano. I didnt think I would make it signing this way to the end of the song, lol. Throat lozenge anyone??
plugging in and letting it all out.. tonights spontaneous after dinner mint, chuck full of imperfections. Goodnight all
Something for the February lull my RPM friends. Lyrics by Billy Gibbons.
When we were kids, my brother used to wake me up before dawn and we would schlep across this field and wait for the unobstructed sunrise. At that time, it seemed like the coolest thing ever!
Merry Christmas all!. This is a collab I did with Wrinkled shirt a while back. was originally released under Wreathwlaker. i played 4 different guitars over WS's frosty tune, each with their own personality.
I have officially stopped with CD 's and now have decided to mail zip drives. I tried mailing these in a regular envelope. (FAIL lol) One guy got postage due of $2.51 and the other, the envelope was destroyed with no zip at all. For my brother…read more
Another recent song somehow not posted to AT (?) cleaning house this weekend. Had the privilege of playing around with a cello in the house. Dont know how to play the damn thing but too fun not adding it in the mix
Working through a barrage of songs over two different computers. thought I posted this already but its not on AT. (?) A little re-tooling on this one today as well. Enjoy- Reef
RPM17 1/10 First song on RPM 17....eh first song on RPM ever lol Really glad I made this one. I had to dig up an old VHS tape (anyone remember those?) for the audio sample in this track. The hardest part about making this tune was actually…
RPM17 3/10 The most tasteful song i've made this year :)
Crazy is a term of art, insane is a term of law. -Hunter S Thompson RPM 17, Enjoy!
RPM17 7/10
RPM 17 6/10
Maybe this should have been called feb 28th lol Who dosnt need a little more time for RPM? Clearly I was running out of ideas for lyrics, So naturally, I asked Bob Dylan to help out
RPM17 4/10
RPM17 2/10 tuned the guitar flat and played those "black Keys" Ive never touched before. flat or sharp, ? either way nothing but rain here in SF for the last 2 weeks...Enjoy!
Damn! Feels good to hit the Upload button again! Completed RPM 17. this is the last track!!. the album is my first run through with logic pro ( dumping pro tools and the monthly subscription fee) I feel great playing again.. been so long…
Just got my system up again after several hardware upgrade conflicts, and a move to California. Been thinking about changing this songs ending for a while, finally getting around to it. Good to post here again! Cheers, Reef
Thanks Norm for the percussion track, Groove for Saint Michael. The (Bass perc?) ties the whole thing down- Now get out there and enjoy the summer>!
This is an invitation, with instructions, on how any AT musician can hop a train in the US and get to my house for a jam session. Figured the lyrics needed to mention all 3 of the collaborating musicians home towns cuz they all run along these…read more
walking out on the cubicle job, for good
one last cover for the road cheers!
A not so traditional cover by one of my favs, Led Zeppelin Shaking the covers out for springtime :)
Cuz who can ever get enough of Ghost in the Machine? Lyrics: Stewart Copeland
Track 4 on Paper Planes and Pencil Shavings Thanks Jim for getting me back in the studio. 6 months from my last AT post, Jeeeeeze!
This is a collab song with MTC. I almost hated adding anything to it cuz the first track he sent me was kickass vintage Jim. It totally changed flavors in the collab process, but still one of my favs
Didnt mean to have a political slant but had just got denied my large order soft drink in Manhattan. All thats left are the small sodas with the "NY loves big cans" tee shirts
This is the first tune of a collab project with Movement to Contact..Had a great time crafting songs back and forth with Jim over the last few weeks.
Texas hold em poker, and going for it all. Open mic acoustic with some alt tuning. Percussion by Norm. The kokiriko? Norms playing in there actually sounds like…read more
Wow, 3 months since my last upload. I need to get it in gear!! Congratulations RPM'ers, sounding good out there! re uploaded without the trap
Different recording here as the electric guitar, bass guitar were not plugged in, just recorded raw with a power mic and then EQ'ed to make it sound amped - pardon mistakes!
Oh well, nothing like going to a middle school music function to break writers block, all those posters and flare about achievement... Special thanks to my sons middle school band, The Preston Pumas playing at the end !
jqscutt posted the acoustic guitar track looking for ideas, not sure if it turned into the genre he was looking for :) The auuuggga horn sound was another classic unplanned phone interruption during the vocal recording but it seems to fit in…read more
Sometimes, you just have to make a track so that you can play that big ass gong - you know the one im talking about. 4 guitar tracks and one for the gong. Various FX for guitar including a sustain FX which seems to go well with the gong droning…read more
Samples used in this tune from the NY subway this summer. Inspired by Dave Dunseath 3-12, just uploaded…read more
lyrics: Merle Haggard harmonica: Norm
This is a recording of Norm and me playing together a few months ago. I didnt have any percussion instruments so Norm was on a Roland electric trap set and I had a cello. I looped some of the stuff we did that night, and retrofitted the rest…read more
No Ducks were hurt or killed during the production of this tune, unless eaten and thoroughly enjoyed
You never would have caught me playing this genre a few years ago. WHat the hell happened ?? All the instruments were recorded with an open mic at my house. Which, as you know is always a chaotic place to record :) If you listen hard enough…read more
This is a collab tune which was originally written by Tad Rees (aka Solo). He plays the Keyboard.synth, and I did the guitar and drums. The last half blends with his original which can be heard in completion at : http://www.traxinspace…read more
This song is not for everyone but I like it because its a live recording with a single instrument using infinity delay FX. (I turned on the loop delay at :09 after the guitar was flat on the floor.) All the sounds are made with an acoustic bass…read more
For everyone who lives in a bright sunny place. Got lots of snow in the mountains today. On days like these, there are only 4 things to do: 1)start fire 2)shovel snow 3)Make music (inside, not on deck) 4)access EWABS (emergency wine and beer…read more
Jqscutt had this guitar riff that he sent me and we worked out a song with bass, rhythm, lead and drums over the internet. I posted it for a collab for some key additions. This was added by TiS friends K-Lyd and Coruz. Later, they found Liam…read more
I am leaving this week for a while but couldnt resist adding as the third collaborator on this excellent track by Keith Landry and Osckilo before I go. Added some bass,ambient stings, and of course sleigh bell Hope you guys like it. See you…
For all the folks who can find the silver lining no matter what the situation may be.. Pardon the clips
A million guitars and he wants to play the Cello. :) Live guitar, live cello, last summer's crickets. pardon mistakes... cello; Dylan Harris (10)
drip by drip.. I did the guitar and bass tracks first, then procured my 10 year olds cello for the main bass line :) I also tried my luck playing cello with a bow on this track- which was a new experience. The trumpet and violin bits are played…read more
3 guitar tracks followed by a track with the trap set. A lot of alt tuning lately posted on AT which I like. This guitar was tuned to an open G. After I did it, I thought the sound was more like a backwoods, hillbilly song. Unfortunately…read more
this was originally a song about breaking through paradigms but turned into a song about a girl. Keys and string samples from Korg, MIDI with the old Ensoniq, one diving board.
I have issues at my house, sometimes they manifest themselves in my tracks. In this case, the bassoon and oboe represent the mouse. The guitar is the peanut-butter.
It seems a lot of you record with open mics and can relate. I record 1 track at a time with usually 4 or 5 tracks. So, Im only asking for about 15 minutes of Silence...IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK??? Anyway, my house is so loud, I get a lot of bloopers…read more
Having fun this week at my own expense, not my genre but what the heck. I used all the kids that were playing at my house on Monday for the chorus - had a blast. Collaborators: my kids Dylan, Zack, Ally with Jake Henning , Haley Henning I…read more
Mid-flight serenity until that moment, you know those moments im talking about... In-flight samples recorded by me, drums, guitars.
I realize now that any song with the word "cathartic" in the lyrics has flow issues... Cheers!
Did the guitar tracks first, followed by bass, then drums and vocals last. I wrote this song in a bookstore, after I came home and recorded it, I realized I made the song too short for all the lyrics. Im talking, she's texting Im givin…read more
Starting out as a simple and awe inspiring invention, progressing to a more chaotic and demanding machine driven future. - people becoming enslaved to these devices. Feeding the machine. Phone samples were recorded from the output jack of my…read more
Enjoying a few tracks on this site with Indian flavor lately. My brothers legs were so red from slapping them to get the perc sounds in this track, I had to laugh, That alone was worth doing the song ;) Enjoy # 92 Spicy percussion provided by Norm
Recording some match lighting samples recently and felt compelled to put some music to it. I put the mic up to some raw acoustic guitar. Bass and lead added with FX. Norm added percussion, making it sound waaaay better. Contributors: lyrics…
This is a collaboration with some tasty funkadelic percussion added by Norm. Guitars and Keys with some Fx's, I hope you like it,
A coin tossed... As usual, served best with headphones Enjoy!
4 stereo guitar tracks played out one at a time. Another late night - early morning recording. I like to keep a positive attitude about the things that haunt me, but sometimes dreams change course unexpectedly, and the worms creep in.
I was collecting 4th of July samples and recorded a jewel. By chance, I recorded my 4 year old girl, and you can hear her thought process...wondering how the fireworks were so high in the air - perhaps the fireworks were dropping from the sky…
Norm played the percussion first, which is a Bembe pattern; I couldnt help playing a melody and creating lyrics for this perc track. Thanks for the listen, Enjoy!