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NC Post Office Service


I have officially stopped with CD ‘s and now have decided to mail zip drives. I tried mailing these in a regular envelope. (FAIL lol)

One guy got postage due of $2.51 and the other, the envelope was destroyed with no zip at all. For my brother Norm, as usual, I got return to sender or some other similar notice lol.

I prob shouldn’t have posted this song, its a really good example of why you shouldn’t post after having a great night drinking with friends. But what the heck, If some of you guys lived in my town we would have gone out tonight and made this song together…


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The Proods said

A GREAT Rock & Roll song. I’m surely one of the 3 fans, brother!

Reefwalker said

@ JM Taylor: good ear on that open G tuning.

No matter how you play it, it ends up sounding Keith-ish lol

James Michael Taylor said

Like a Stones track before the words have jelled. Like it.

Colleen Dillon said

Funny stuff!!!

Norm said

Typical USPS.

Congrats on the new throne! I can’t wait to steal it.

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