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The Gibson has been Drinking


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Shout out to Tom Waits, one of my favs. Rumor has it, he has had a similar problem with his piano.
I didnt think I would make it signing this way to the end of the song, lol.
Throat lozenge anyone??

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vaisvil said

I like your froggy throat! Reminds me of an iron chef where the main course was lobster and one chef took to dunking his live, huge, 30 year old, lobsters into a cask of sake or something alcoholic. You need a similar cask for your Gibson. To answer your question - glass slide.

Norm's avatar
Norm said

HOLY SHIT!!! Maybe you and I should have a small fight out on the lawn...

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thetworegs said

Great stuff!! Hic!! Burp!!

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kavin. said

Post-rock Waits? Why not!

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fudgetusk said

There's something Mogwai-esque about the start of this song. :)Good stuff.

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James Michael Taylor said

Works for me...a great sadness undertow...

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