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3:08 - if you leave me now

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title just came up, cause i was thinking of that song ‘if you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me… oehwoehwooeehooe no baby please don’t go…’
i tried spending some more time than usual detailing everything and finding a balance in the song. i hope it works out for you.'s avatar said

thank you all for the positive comments. i was wondering: do people around here ever make less-positive comments? is it just OK to say you liked something, and not to say you didn't? or if you didn't like it, you just don't comment? 'just throwing this out there'... if anyone has anything less positive to say, and can nevertheless say it in a positive way ('opbouwende kritiek' in Dutch, would translate as 'supportive criticism'?): bring it to me.

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rewind said

Very emontional. I like.

Guest said

Emotionally powerful.

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kirklynch said

Great atmosphere!

Guest said

Great sounds here. Website has got a nice design too.'s avatar said

i am working on my new website, as the old one has dissapeared and it did not have any of my music on it (only drawings and writings). right now there is no content aside from the site itself. you might want to check it out; things move and stuff, it's great. find it at .

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