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a little tune as afternoon, as clouds drift above my head
one of my pieces for RPM
my father was airborne 82nd on June 6th Normandy. like so many others he rarely spoke about it, just did what he had to do, and moved on. here's to all who have made the world a little better (this is a re post of a piece i wrote for rpm 2013
please listen to this via the utube video that it was prepared for.. a short video i made last week at Catalina Island while diving
an overcast rainy day here in south calif.. i sat at my piano in the morning and this just sort of sprang out on the keyboard... since im learning about electric guitars this feb (for rpm) i spent the day playing with different amps and effects…
I am learning a bit more each day about how to write/compose for guitar ,, quite fun. This RPM piece is dedicated for our 16 and 1/2 year old mini red Dachshund,, Howie.. though blind and mostly deaf, and recovering from illness, he still…read more
welll... this year for RPM i am trying music and instruments i have never used/learned/done ie know nothing about... why? im not sure i now know.. but it did seem like a good idea two weeks ago.. so here is the "first half" of what i have so…read more
While on our European journey last summer, we stopped at an American Cemetery in between Venice and Florance Italy. It was a gray wind swept day, long rows of white crosses ran across a deep green grass field. I have read a bit about the allied…read more
** THIS IS ONLY 6 min long NOT 41 like it says, im not sure why, the mp3 tags going in to at are say 6:10) Inspired by a magic day in Switzerland, we hiked among flowers in the Alps below the Eiger, had lunch outside just below the North Face…read more
Florance! Il Duomo one of the many many great architectural wonders of Italy,, Filippo Brunelleschi creates one of the most beautiful Domed churches of all time in 1471, and it's still there today to marvel at,,,also i had my first gelato there…
RPM tack 2 --i stand atop the cathedral Notre Dame, fluffy white clouds float in an electric blue sky, gazing towards to Tour De Eiffel, i notice a small balloon flitting and flying along in the gentle summer breeze over the skyline of Paris
first for rpm 2014 This summer my wife and i traveled to Europe! our first time across the pond..what a wonderful time of adventure we had from Paris to Roma. each morning i would rise before dawn to watch as the early morning sun painted the…read more
I was passing by a darkened church this evening, as the wind danced through the trees, looking though the a window, i noticed a single candle lit, flickering on the alter step, casting a shadow within.. as i pressed an ear to the dusty glass…read more
!!! Please use the utube link !!!! as this is my piano moment #5 set to video that i made this past weekend Oct 6th 2013. Take Note of the sea lion at about 2:20 into this.. it has survived a meeting with a great white shark!! and is still…read more
a small quiet piece for a Sunday evening,, all four string sections are present here,, violin, viola,cello and contrabass,,it's kind of fun to try to mix, and pass the various themes around,,
dedicated to our "cold hearted orb that rules the night",, bassoon and french horn exchange glances with one another, cross a web of strings with a little timpani,in for the flavor,,, i have been trying to figure a bassoon into my work, so here…
rpm #7,, i think this will be the overture, to a small midi orchestral suite, which i hope will finish up as my remaining 3 pieces for this years rpm, but well see how that goes,, thanks for all the helpful comments i have received on this project…
well this is a bit awkward, but i have been chatting with Nosda Cariad about the various plus and minus of sound settings ie reverb,,, sometimes i feel like i have used too much, as sort of a crutch. in this version the reverb has been toned down…read more
at the end of an evening, after the house lights have gone down, in the quietness of the hall,, two cellos, share a quiet moment.. dedicated to the old couple who have lived so long together, to parent who watches as their child sleeps, to the…read more
a brief night journey on the sea of a dream,,, rpm #5 halfway there!
rpm #4,, i love watching the local birds,, in winter they seem a bit more eager, in my imagination,, they must spend more of their time sitting around their wood stoves, munching on seeds and telling stories of summer days, all the while as the…read more
rpm 3,,cello,cello, contrabass, and bass clarinet,, im really getting to love that clarinet!,, thanks for listening , and please send any comments,suggestions, thoughts richard
RPM #2, first thank you all for the comments on rpm 1,, once again i forage into the world of midi orchestration,,, while i am beginning with strings and woodwinds,, this is a section from a string piece i am working on,, that somehow led me to…read more
First of my rpm traks,, this year i am going to try to learn a bit about composing for midi orchestra, with that in mind i have began (in jan) to read several books on midi orchestration, orchestration and counterpoint,,, while these will probably…read more
first my apologies to J. Pachabell second, my very best wishes to all my AT friends who make sharing music here so wonderful,, hope your holiday season is most wonderful and filled with love, peace to us all r
piano moment #19
i was trying to work on a piece for a shark video of mine, but this is what came out instead,, my piano moments collections are the small musical threads that emerge amongst/while i am working/thinking about other things,,,
one cool thing about piano pieces is that they lend themselves to being rearranged for other instruments, since the piano encompasses the entire range,,, this is a pared down version of my last weeks submission le baiser apres-midi = the afternoon…read more
"the afternoon kiss"
I was lucky enough to have a trip to YAP a part of the Federated States of Micronesia,, once again the music is from my piano solos but here it is attached to a video i made http://youtu.be/GatB07PVCsw
The music is old but the video i just made,,, on a dive trip to Beqa Island Fiji,, music is a previous version of piano moment #5, of late i have been working on diving and putting existing music to the videos,, hope you like r http://youtu…
#9 for my rpm 2012
or #8 for this years rpm
#7 for this years rpm, the album name is of the same name,, small watercolor piano moments, with the occasional vocal such as this
#6 on my rpm 2012 cd "American Impressionist" sort of my take on what might happen if Bach met the Fonzz
my rpm #5,, it will eventually become a part om my themed cd "the dark doll house" a somewhat sad place where memories of childhoods past echo through empty rooms,, the two other pieces thus far in this theme are the 3 mov of my piano sonata…
playing with my eyes closed rpm #4 2012 from about 2 min on it's a bit hot,, if anyone has some suggestions on how to balance the range, i would appreciate it r
rpm #3,, from a future themed piece to be called "the dark doll house" a place where yellow orange light drifts through soft gray curtains,,far away a child's laugh echos down the stair case,,
rpm 2012 #2
i have been afield for a while,, this is my first contribution RPM 2012
i was listening to a post of this Beatles cover by oldrottenhead this morning,,it is a really great song, so this evening i sort of just sort of sat down an let it happen,,i didn't even really know the song as much as i might like,, but i find…read more
i have been listening to some wonderful music this morning here on AT, and it has inspired me to post once again this is the sister to piano moment #4
Art of Love #2 is the other side of piano moment #2
Art of Love #1 these are my piano moment pieces arranged for other instruments, hence the name,, in a way it's kind of interesting to use one piece of work in more than one way ,,, Richard and yes this version was put up 1st about 4 months…read more
fireflies in the night
in a cool darkened lounge floors above the cityscape quiet laughter, clink of ice in glass D min looks into the eyes of G min a quiet romance begins sometimes the best things in life are quite simple (lots of rough sound on this,, not sure…read more
almost forgotten because while i did this in may of 2009, i forgot about it until just today may 2011,,i was walking out my studio door, when i noticed an old cd with a marking pen title,, brought it with me in the car and took a listen,, not…read more
small notes, on a windy,, palms in the desert day
Easter Sunday,, soft bubbly white clouds float across a pale blue sky,, above a green green field, filled with rows of those who have passed away,,, my mother and father lie in one such.... fresh flowers, quiet, and sometimes not so, words drift…read more
these first 5 were written against the backdrop of the wintery North Calif coast, and some difficult times
my my,,little thought can be such fun
another small musical thought
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with just the coolest tiny idea? perhaps a musical dream? these small pieces are just that,, tiny little musical notes that just seem to break into my normal musical day,, one take suff think…
about Winter Nacht each year for the past 4 RPM cycles,, i have known a friend or loved one who has passed away... throughout history winter has been a time when sickness and death creep a little stronger amongst us..... perhaps because of these…read more
i have been away and so busy,, i forgot that i had not uploaded the final parts of my rpm 2011 this is a choir solo finale to come next
part 8 of the 11 acts
the interplay between,,, light and dark continues part 7 of 11
part 6 of 11 finally,, i return to my home,,, it's been good listening, but i can now once again upload my rpm 2011 album
5th of the 11 parts,, just a small string interlude a small wave, between the larger seas
and so the story moves on
a bit smaller in length, a bit more up lifting, at least it makes me feel like lifting my arms up into the air when i listen... WN is a dialogue between two sides, so i suppose this is the section where the angles get their say,,,, dedicated to…
bit of a key change, and temperament, just as small note: the opening and closing strings really buzz cool in headphones, something i though i might give a try too
my contribution/offering to this years RPM...Does it ever happen that angels or devils perhaps walk among us mortals here on our earth?? Winter Nacht is a 11 act dialogue between two travelers who meet in the winter twilight, on a road in the…read more
thought,, id try doing something for valentines day so i chose two Beatles tunes,, amazingly (or not) i found them very difficult for me to personalize, ,,hope all you lovers have a good day and enjoy
a small piece to while away the time
Previously released as "a little moon music", Here, used as the background for a video i made in Oct of Great White Sharks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX5R3lrxmYs This is not the typical Discovery Channel version, here i saw the more languid…read more
my contribution to this years RPM Christmas Challenge,,, the song first appeared in 1943 in the film "Meet me in Saint Louis" sung in a great sceen by Judy Garland,,,, written by H. Martin and R. Blane,,, it's sort of a beautifully sad song for…read more
There are times, moments, sounds, shadow falls that take us to and bring us back to magical times in our lives,,,Something in this piece by Johnny Mercer & Henry Mancini,, can pull me in so many different ways,,, it's always been a favorite of mine
a piece that's a bit older, and one of my first attempts at using a music synth
last eve there was a beautiful moon dancing in a blue black sky outside my piano room, it called to me this tune is a one take playful moment, loosely based on the main theme from the 2nd mov of my piano sonata,,, i only toned down about…read more
somehow i wandered in this very different direction
Second movment,, perhaps a little rough,, comments welcome,,, 6/11 Third mov is now done,,, and very very different from the first two,, scares me a little
Piano Sonata One -- the Mexican Sonata 1st movment here 2nd finished -- but waiting its turn 3rd in concept form (much to think about) Dedicated to Ralph who passed away last year during the RPM month of February,, The slower middle section…read more
weeellll ive always loved the Doors,, this is the second of my eventual cd of their wonderful music comments always welcome
two recorders and a flute get together in the back of a countryside English church late in the afternoon..... NOTE --- you may need to turn up the volume a bit for this... piece #6 of a cd i am writing of early music comments about…
warning!!! this is a long 10+ min instrumental It's a piece about 4 years old that was my first attempt at using synth voices,, I am still looking for a good one,, if anyone knows. The music itself is a tone poem, loosely dedicated to a children…read more
3rd of my 2007 RPM cd,, one more to go!
The Doors have always been one of my favoriates,, i would like to an entire cd of piano takes on their music,, this is my first take at cs
just a small little bridge to the third movement
From my first RPM ablum back in 97.. i had lost the files for several years,, but i have found them... for my daughter Christine
From my 2006 RPM album,, I am working on eventually producing a collection of mystic/sufi, inspired pieces,,, for which this will be one