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A balloon floats over Paris


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RPM tack 2 –i stand atop the cathedral Notre Dame, fluffy white clouds float in an electric blue sky, gazing towards to Tour De Eiffel, i notice a small balloon flitting and flying along in the gentle summer breeze over the skyline of Paris

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Gene Eric Mann said

I meditatively floated away with this expansive, gentle, gorgeous, peaceful piece.

Guest said

Sooo gorgeous Rik!

Guest said

Very, very nice! Chris V

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another cultural landslide said

Richard, this is absolutely beautiful. Full of beautiful passion & pulls at the heart strings. I love it. w;-)

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kirklynch said

Gorgeous piece Richard!

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Greg Connor said

Richard, It's a beautiful piece of music. It just carries me away.

Guest said

Oh . . . That's the stuff. Like a GREAT escape.

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thetworegs said

I sit here in Yorkshire listening looking out of our back window across the moor as it try's to snow it fits perfectly here too....

Guest said

This is nice... I enjoyed that.

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Lalo Oceja said

Hi Richard! lovely composition and nice description too!! it's so good to hear from you my friend!

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Nosda Cariad said

The description perfectly fits the piece. Or is that the other way around? :) - Either way, excellent composition!

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Buck Erpestad said

Very nice. Do you use Logic?

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