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The Queen's own Grove


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a piece that’s a bit older, and one of my first attempts at using a music synth

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kirklynch said

This is lovely Richard!

Guest said

I should've faved this 3 months ago! Almost lost it. Thanks to twirretwarre for the bump! Powerful, beautiful music.

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twirretwarre said

I think this one is really a beautiful piece of music. Enjoyed it! I like the way you make music, the more harmonic side of music!

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Johnny Stone said

Nicely put together mate, this is really good. And thanks for your comments mate.

Guest said

Oh my... Love the mandolin voice especially. Some lovely flavours here.

Guest said

Yes, you have captured a 15th century feel with the beautiful mandolin? Then the pomp of the trumpet. Cleverly done. I would like to hear more of the mandolin style you have here sometime, it's gorgeous.

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