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My Addiction

Rick Maurer

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Just a song about being addicted….lyrics

My Addiction

I remember the day we met, How I felt so all alone
All the time I hadn’t known you, or the Pleasure you could bring
When you touched me I came alive, with the joy you gave to me
Now these days i’m always with you, And I know you won’t let me down

I got to have you, and how I need you, you never, ever bring me down
With each day I need you more yea, don’t ever want to say goodbye

As I live with you each day, I feel the change you’ve made in me
Why my friends they have to question, All the love I have for you
Now I don’t hear the things they’re saying, I know it’s ‘cause they don’t know you
Why can’t they just let me be now, To live the life I want to live

With the hold you have on me, I need you more with every day
I’m in too deep, it’s too late now, I could never get away

No seems to understand me, or the love I give to you
One time friends they’re gone forever, Because of all the things you do
Why the love we share so freely, Can take away the things I knew
Now my life I live so sadly, But for your love I’d be alone

Love you, Hate you, can’t live without you, why can’t you just let me be
Save me, Kill me, Forever change me, Why do you still comfort me

©Copyright 2011 by Rick Maurer

Guest said

Great sound layering, very addictive

Guest said

Really great to hear a new one from you Rick. Flawless guitar work as usual, out of this world and luv the vox!

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