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Uploaded .

Thanks everyone for the input!! I guess i’ll go without vocals

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Wildgeas Music said

FN great guitar playin' man. I love going to guitar school :)

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Guest said

This is a seriously good track Rick. I think it lives well on it's own. You are a tremendously talented guitarist. Keep 'em coming. Ah another time? Yes please!

Guest said

This track is finished, Rick! I would seriously and absolutely add nothing. Very exciting to have you here. Looking forward to more!

Guest said

Very impressive!!

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kirklynch said

Damn fine! I can hear vocals but it stands very nicely on its own as an instrumental

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Rick Maurer said

Kavin, some midi on key boards, synth, to to familiar with all that so i don't use it much. My brother said the same thing about no vocals, guess i'm stubborn and still want them, just not mine, lol

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kavin. said

If that's MiDI,has a great live sound, hard to accomplish. Brilliant playing too. Very impressive,doesn't need vocals, IMO.

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