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One More Second to Perfect

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This is the 20th and final song for the 2021 RPM Challenge. Nothing left to do now but to sort the songs into the album that gets submitted and the leftovers album that doesn’t. This one’s on the bubble. I expect it to go into the leftovers list, but it’s not too bad. It could squeak into the submission.

There isn’t a lot to note with this one except that I used GarageBand’s mix automation on an effect for the first time ever. I sometimes use it to automate a level change, and more often use it to automate a panning trick, but this time I turned the echo on the rhythm guitar tracks off during the choruses. Nice.

I only used one setup on the guitars for this song. Gibson ES-335 into a Ryra The Klone into a Wren and Cuff Super Russian into a splitter with one side going into a Vox AC15 and the other to a Fender Bassbreaker 15, both of which were mic’d with Shure SM57’s.

Verse 1
Redesign - Rethink it all
Redefine - both large and small
New deadline - break down the wall
New headline - I don’t recall

Verse 2
One second - One look away
One moment - Fatal delay
Missed chances - all disarray
Advances - have gone astray

One more second to perfect
One more moment to come around
One more chance to reconnect
One more lost and found