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That's How it Goes

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I started writing this one in January and finished it and recorded it in February. Now in hindsight I’m thinking I should probably have left it in January. I like the chorus. I kinda like the two guitars trading 8’s and the guitarmonies. Otherwise… the mix is a mess because I just wasn’t feeling the song anymore.

The guitars are all Gibson ES-335 Pro into a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The rhythm tracks had a Ryra The Klone into a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter. The leads had a Mosky Black Rat into the boost section of a Wren and Cuff Super Russian.

Verse 1
You want to be forgiven
you want to be all right
ran out of ammunition
and lost the will to fight

Verse 2
you ask for readmission
you’re seeking empathy
you have to ask permission
and take the penalty

That’s how it goes
That’s how it goes
Everyone knows
That’s how it goes