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This is an early favorite for the “stand out track” title. I like the groove quite a bit. Although I was literally falling asleep while mixing it so who knows if it sounds okay or not.

I am in love with my new little Fender Bassbreaker 15 amp. I’m trying hard to make it sound like crap and I just can’t do it.

The guitars are Les Paul. The rhythm has an MXR Phase 90 pedal and the lead as a Joyo Ultimate Drive pedal.

do you remember when
he said that
did you expect that he’d
come through
are you so gulible
that you’d think
this is what’s best for us
Not this time

you heard it
believed it
you thought it
sounded good
he pulled it
over you
you sucker
you did this

I saw it
all coming
you sat there
taking it
he fed you
these lies and
you smiled
asking for more

The fear
the hate
the lies

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