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Empty Nest

Robert James

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2021 50/90 Song Number 52

And that’s all she wrote, folks.

The first time I finished 50/90 was 2014 and I had exactly 50 songs. The second time was last year and I had 51. Now this year I have 52. The bar inches higher.

There is a lot about this song that I like. I don’t think I pulled it off, but there’s potential here. One thing that I really don’t like at all is the lyrics. Why? 99% of the song lyrics I write are just phrases that fit the music. This one is actually about something. Both of my step kids have left home for college. They are almost 200 miles away. The empty nest syndrome is upon us in a huge way. I miss them. I love hearing from them, even when they are just saying hello. That’s what the song is about and I feel like it is a terrible representation of what I am feeling and I therefore hate it. Ugh. I am not cut out for lyric writing.

All of the guitar tracks are my shiny new Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s. The rhythm also used an MXR Univibe into a Klon KTR into a Vox AC15. The leads used a crybaby wah into a Ryra the Klone into a Wren and Cuff Super Russian into a Fender Bassbreaker 15.

Verse 1 & 3
Every week when the phone starts ringing
When the calls come in
Can they sense how we’re living for it
Each scrap of news that they bring

Verse 2
There’s a chance that they might say something
that is critical
There’s a chance that they might mean nothing
They’re just a friendly hello

Checking in with you
See how you’re doing
what are you up to

It’s good to hear you
It’s good to see you
Thank you for calling home

We are missing you

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Andrew Russe said

Cool track - love the solo at the end. You've got a Standard 50s?? Which colour? I've been oggling them. The guitarist from my old band got a 60s a few months back in "Unburst" which is my favourite but they don't do it on the 50s (and I want the fatter neck). Anyway, escapes me now, but for some reason I got a Flying V instead! (which I LOVE, actually)

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