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Here Comes Round Two

Robert James

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Round two of what?

I’d tell you if I had even the slightest idea.

I’m pretty pleased with this one. Well, I don’t completely hate it at least. I think it could have benefited from some rehearsing, which during 50/90 is asking a lot, for me at least. Listen close to the second time through the B section when I fat fingered an A minor chord into an A major. It would also benefit from having an actual capable singer, but that’s asking way too much from me at least.

All of the guitar parts are a Gibson ES-335 into a RYRA The Klone into a Keeley Super Phat Mod into an ABY switch to a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15.

here comes round two
it can’t have you
its comes around again
we can get through

we came so far
but here we are
we can’t escape it
beyond a doubt
we’ll work it out
we’ll work it out

One more go round
not too profound
we’re back once again
I never wanted this to happen to you

Thought we were safe
in our safe space
not so, not likely
on the attack
its roaring back
its roaring back

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Andrew Russe said

Nice one... I do like that "Here comes round two" hook... And I've just looked up 50/90... you're a crazy man!!! Crumbs, a song every two days for 3 months solid!! I could probably write the songs, but I could never record them in that time frame! Anyways - mighty cool, I shall keep listening and cheer you on from the sidelines.

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