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Reaching for the Life Line

Robert James

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A couple of months ago I came up with a couple of things that used polyrhythms. The drums were in one time signature and everything else was in another. I had some fun with it then and tried it again and… well, I got pretty bored with it really quick. The drums are in 4/4 and everything else is in 7/4, except for the guitar solo sections which are just plain old 4/4. I think I might be done with polyrhythms for a while. From now on, it’s just 7/8 forever (no it’s not, but wouldn’t that be awesome?).

The guitars are all Gibson ES-335, the amps are all Vox AC15 and Fender Bassbreaker 15. The rhythm guitar used a Ryra the Klone pedal. The leads used a Klon KTR, a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter (a sweet fulltone OCD clone, that has all the great sound but none of the racist frat boy bullshit), and a Wampler Faux Tape Echo for a little slap back. The longer delays were post production in Garageband.

stay within
no escape

verse 1
Never leaving
always trapped inside
here forever
all our worlds coliding

verse 2
going under
for the final time
break the surface
reaching for the life line

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Andrew Russe said

I wasn't sure about this one on first listen (your stuff about polyrhythms was making me think too much... then I remembered I'd forgotten something with work, so I had to deal with that while the track carried on)... when I got back I couldn't think of anything to say... so I hit play again and, woah!, it really grabbed me... then I realised I wasn't counting trying to figure out the funny rhythm - I'd just accepted it and it sounds really cool. Sounds like the hand's recovered too?

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