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She Has Arrived (2020 Version)

Robert James

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I think I need to take a day off. My ears are turning to mush. I really struggled mixing this and I can’t even tell if it’s worth keeping or not.

This song was written during my first attempt at doing anything in GarageBand. Prior August of 2011 I was 100% a physical tape guy. I had an ADAT, a couple of outboard effects, a 16 channel board to run through, and a drum machine. Then I bought a MacBook Pro and a very cheap little USB piano keyboard and I started figuring things out. The first thing I did was a little 3/4 waltzy thing with lyrics about the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irene. Why do I spend so much time writing about hurricanes?

Quickly the one song turned into four. One anticipating the hurricane, one (this one) announcing it’s arrival, one stating it was a letdown, and one that was just a jam I threw together in about 15 minutes to impress my step kids (they were impressed then… they aren’t anymore).

This song has had some really serious changes since then. I added a pointless intro, scrapped the middle eight entirely, rearranged the second chorus, and added a guitar solo.

I just wish I could get a better sounding mix. I think, at least. Like I said, my ears are mush right now. Maybe I will take a day off.

All of the guitar parts are a Gibson ES-335 Pro into a Klon KTR overdrive pedal and a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter overdrive pedal, then into an ABY switch and two amplifiers, a Fender Bassbreaker 15 and a Vox AC15.

windows shaking
trees breaking
storm has come to take us away
batten down
find safety
ride it out or be blown away

she’s coming now
she’s coming now
she has arrived
she’s here now

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Andrew Russe said

Yeah, this one rocks.

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Andrew Russe said

What do you think of the mix a few days later? I quite like it. You always get all the parts clearly defined - and I think they are here too - but sometimes I find myself wanting them more "moulded together", which is what is going on here (I think). It feels more like a live band blazing away in a room than it does sometimes.

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