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Time to Break Through

Robert James

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I tried to do something a little weirder rhythmically and ended up with something that feels just a little off. Just a little out of time, just a little ragged. I don’t know. I don’t think the song is bad, it’s all just a smidgen off.

I used to write all of my lyrics on mic. They went from my brain to tape in one take (or so). More recently I’ve been writing the melody and the lyrics ahead of time so I had it all ready to go when I started recording voices. This little nugget was old school. Written on the mic.

All the guitar parts are a Gibson ES-335, all the amps are a Vox AC15 and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The pedals… the rhythm guitars just used a Klon KTR. The leads used a Ryra The Clone, a Keely Super Phat Mod, and sometimes a Dunlop Crybaby. Except for the solo in the middle, which just switched off the Keeley.

its like a story book with a lousy end
its like a mystery with an awful bend
Its like a substitute that you cannot dispute
its like a carnival you cannot attend

coming for me
coming for you
will never undo
know what it’s like
know what it takes
its only mistakes

Its time now
to break through
don’t ask how
just you

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Andrew Russe said

Love the looser feel. And some gorgeous guitars. It seems a little cymbal heavy in places at the moment?

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