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Won't You Let Me Try

Robert James

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Another song that is entirely in 7/8. I like this one a little bit even though the riff seems a bit forced. The guitars are all Les Paul.

I won’t try to hold you back
I won’t try to keep you down
I just want to build you up
I just want to see you fly
won’t you let me try

whatever I do
I am here for you
where ever you go
I will go there to
i am here for you

whenever you need
someone by your side
I’ll always be there
with you stride for stride
always by your side

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Andrew Russe said

Like it. I've never been able to write/play anything in an odd time signature. I'm always in awe of folks that can stick a decent melody and lyrics over one.

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Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks) said

Good rocker ...finesound on the drums especially with this odd timing. There's nothing like a Les Paul for this style of tune. Excellent guitar work .... thick crunchy rhythm and killer wah! That cymbal crash at the end sounds great.

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