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I Love America


My love for America is … complicated. And yours?

The song is part of the soundtrack from my book, “PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings,” which can be found here:

Composer and producer: Rob Brezsny
Lead vocals: Rob Brezsny
Backing vocals: Adrienne Shamszad and Rob Brezsny
Guitar, bass, production assistance: Josh Brill

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Guest said

thank you for your unique vision and voice and presentation.

Guest said

wow……be in accord with the land….. not the bubble!..they come and go..and come and go…

Guest said


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somno project said

i love you voice!! cheers adryan

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stoman said

Nice listen, thanks for posting this!

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thetworegs said


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Adryan Rotica said

I am not afraid…….and everything is fine…..everything is truth….and I thank you for saying everything I’ve been thinking, but dare not say…..YOU ARE A BRAVE SOUL ROB~!!!! Thank You for letting me see…Freedom of Speach still does exist in AMERICA…!!!!

Guest said

wow, that is some powerful stuff

Guest said

Rob, you have been a hero of mine since you wrote the insanely zen article about John Travolta , and the bowling alley, I think it was for SC high times. keep on keeping on…upsidethef@aol.com, love Jake

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