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Permanent Adolescent


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I believe the year was 1981. My friend Tim Brown and I recorded a bunch of music. Since I played all of the instruments(except the lead guitar parts:which Tim played) and sang all of the parts on this song: I believe I still have some recall about the recording process of this song. Since the only instrument at the time that I had a natural meter going on were the drums, we recorded them first. Obviously, no click track. Just me playing all the other instruments in my head while I laid down the drums first. Drums were recorded in a basement my very cool childhood home. So while listening, think about the fact that just drums without any other support music went down first. Well after a satisfactory 1st take. I strapped on the guitar and laid down my the basic composition. Then came the bass…Which to this day I truly believe was my first time ever recording with a bass guitar. So I really really like the way it turned out. Then came the front vocals. Then the backing vocals. Then with no suggestive input from me, Tim would surprise me with his completed mix featuring his guitar solos. Always surprised me with his read on my songs with his contributed solos. Some I liked in their entirety. Others had lead parts that were not done enough. Tim was a wild child on the lead, and that served me just fine. If you ever get the chance to record this way in this order, it will aid your future musical journey. Oh and don’t forget to turn the volume way the fuck up! Thank you.

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Guitar Music by Tim Brown said

Nice song, thanks for posting !! Actually we recorded this at John's garage studio. We did three songs on that session. Misery, PA, and Breaking the ice. Later on we moved back to the Dungeon and did like 20 other songs.

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meatcigars said

Your story made me listen to the song. It's great to be young and play, it's great to be old and play, it just great to play.

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Andrew Russe said

Love it.

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