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Missisippi Groovin

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I needed 2m02 to finish the album. I was completely spent and without a drop of creative juice left. Just noodling with an Omnisphere patch when one of my cats, Mississippi, jumped on my keyboard and proceeded to walk up and down and sit on various keys. She’s never done it before but there she was. She hopped off and at exactly the right moment. I could not turn down such providence and uploaded the track without editing.

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Movement To Contact said

Ha! This is sweet!

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Wildgeas Music said

I caught this groove.

Guest said

Very compelling!

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Emotional Evolution said


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ghostly said

Hey sandbags! You just helped me with Elysium, thanks! And you kinda introduced me to this site so thanks again!! :-) Been checking out your tunes and what you have done with that app. Loving this one! :-)

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olifante said

this is my favorite

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another cultural landslide said

Nice Groove!

Guest said

I quite enjoyed this one... I could do with three more minutes of it!