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Like Catching Air

Mr Sandbags

It’s been so long since I’ve made any music I’ve kind of forgotten how. I was just noodling about and thought I had a sound I liked so I bounced it out quite quickly.

This one is all made with Reaktor and Boscomac’s Air Piano ensemble, plus a heap of Microtonic Permut8, and a drizzling of PSP VintageWarmer2.

Permut8 is an amazing source of sonic inspiration, I just rarely end up making music with it.

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doktordoktor said

Interesting mix of sounds. Cool!

Wildgeas Music said

Don’t mind me - I’ll just be over here for a while.

Wildgeas Music said

Utt - Mr. Sandbags. Been a while since I heard from you.
Time for a beer and a joint.

mmi said

Yay for breaking the log-jam! Nice work.

Len Sasso said

Very nice - glad you’re back to making music. I’m also a big fan of Permut8, but was unaware of Boscomac’s page; thanks for including that info.

Sister Savage said

Liking the underpinning energy.

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