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Take Me To A Special Place

Mr Sandbags

Uploaded .

You know who you are :)

3rd outing for Le Boîte Diaboliqué.

Accompanied by Timeless 2, Augustus Loop, and Valhalla Shimmer.

Samples used:

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richardlaceves said

interesting,,,,lots of different sounds blended here,, i enjoyed listening

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Gem said

Sample heaven - listening to this whilst trying to finish something I've been working on all afternoon, and now, for some reason everything is falling into place. Great track.

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expex said


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Johnny Stone said

Nice mate great mix dig it.

Guest said


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igor said

I see the entry to the exit, to a special place. But why through a window? :-) Ah! This is such an idea, clear. Seriously: to become a complete art piece it should be longer, and should go down into the coda at the end, as I see it. Working on it?

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mmi said

Mmm. A beautiful overture.

Guest said

So, about this special place ..... Yeah I know who I am, is it me?

Guest said

Intriguing and mystical.

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