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What's in the box?

Mr Sandbags

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This is the first outing of a new granular re-synthesis based Reaktor ensemble I am working on codenamed “BD”.

The track is generated by 4 instances of the ensemble (playing different samples), panned by CamelSpace, with lashings of Valhalla Shimmer on top.

The samples used in the ensemble are (a) an ambient drone, (b) a bassline, (c) chanting, and (d) a childs laughter.

The ensemble itself is still very primitive and I haven’t learned what controls will work best for it yet, not to mention it’s not really doing quite what I want. There’s a lot to do in particular around playing chords. Basically it needs a lot of work but I’m putting this track down as a starting point.

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Johnny Stone said

Great panning mate very cool mix like it.

Guest said


Guest said

Sweeping and collective!

Guest said

I don't know, but I'm glad I'm not in there with it. Weirdly wonderful sounds there! Seriously, Happy Christmas Sandbags!

Guest said

Yeah, but, what's in the box?

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Wildgeas Music said

Acid on the assembly line.....

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kirklynch said

Nice panning effects! So- What's the answer? Lemme guess- Pain is in the box(sorry- read Dune too many times!)

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Mr Sandbags said

Hey Igor. Yeah there's something a little disturbing about those shrill shrieks towards the end, kind of like some flying be-tentacled monsters happily chasing their prey ;-)

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Mr Sandbags said

You're very wise Joe. I can recommend someone! :)

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Big Joe Silence said

i like it. *calls therapist for crisis counselling*

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igor said

Not bad for or to fill in the chase scene, for example. To be continued...? Think I will ask you for a samples.

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