from the english east midlands, United Kingdom

simeon and the psimians ('90s)

4 tracks by various alonetone artists

Most authorities agree that the dub mixes on the CDs “dubs & versions” and “verbs & dungeons” were produced by Simeon working alone, with or without the High Psimian’s blessing; and, on “skanky monkey’s funky dancy dog dubs”, alone, certainly without, under a false name, and with a cynically irreligious eye on market potential, in a way which no High Psimian in a thousand years of the development and transmutation of traditional values would ever have sanctioned. The allegation that the remixing was done on a souped-up ancient pan-10 pro-v, however, is clearly false, since even Simeon’s most scathing critics accept that he (or she, according to some authorities) was a life-long vegetarian and would never have engaged in the kinds of animal torture which are inseparable from the use of that archaic and inhumane technology.