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This album was written and recorded during the 2nd half of 2013, a time period of much joy and sorrow, in which certain areas of my life gradually broke down. It has a lot of songs inspired at my work (elephant-related), some that are really intense, and some that are straight-up beautiful. Except the title track, they were all recorded on a resonator guitar, and were live-recorded using one mic and no overdubbing (except Houses on the Coast). In this playlist, the songs are unmastered (they were posted here immediately after being written and I didn’t want to reupload) so I apologize for any volume differences between tracks. If you want the mastered version of this album go to my website, click the music tab, and go download at through Bandcamp (also free, just enter 0.00 as price, or more if you want to support what I am doing financially)