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This one started as a busier version of Leum’s song When Do You Show It. I added drums and a bass part to his vocals and acoustic guitar, and Hayden later pitched in with a distorted guitar part. I sent Leum mixes of three different versions, and when he preferred the spare version with just vocals and acoustic guitar, I smiled and gave myself permission to indulge in some of my favorite musical tropes: recontextualizing existing parts (including converting the acoustic guitar and vocal tracks to MIDI and running them into different software synths), creepy voice synthesis, numbers stations (homemade using a random number generator and text-to-speech synthesis), fevered paranoia, and an ambiguous title. Fun times. 😊

Leum Monroe – Songwriting
Hayden Childs – Guitar, recording
Kevin Craig – Drums, bass, recording, programming, sequencing, mixing

Guest said

Kevin - I love this. Just hearing for the first time. Thanks, Leum

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