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A simple song made with the tones of a six-string.
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I wrote this after seeing the film "I'm Not There" about all them Bob Dylans. The early acoustic take of the song was much more nasaly. ©2010 Sandy Gritt
The Clash were the best punk band period. A Strummer/Jones classic, this one from London Calling simply rocks.
A song that has it all. Two chords, great energy, positive lyrics and a punk meets reggae vibe. This is a cover of Stiff Little Fingers version. Original was written by Bunny Wailer after he left Bob Marley's Wailers.
Two bass tracks and vocals...playing around with a Fender Jazz bass that I rented a while back. I'm more a cat person but if I had a dog...

Music embracing the energy from past, present, and future creative entities.

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