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Gimme Water


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rawk. mostly acoustic

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Guest said

Proffesionellt! Du verkar behärska många genrar. Efter att hört refrängen en gång sjöng jag glatt med =)

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another cultural landslide said

It's early Sunday morning here... I'm up dancin' and groovin'- don't need that coffee now! w;-)

Guest said

aint no mercy in the desert...this is rock at it's best. That harmonica playing allll soul. The chorus is catchy. Good hook. So much to listen to on this site is an understatement, 10,000 tracks! That would take a month of constant playing to listen to. whoa. hehe. How many hours is that?? I'll do the math later.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice mate enjoyed it, their is so much to listen to sorry it took so long to discover you.

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Wildgeas Music said

A jaunty tune.

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