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Capitol Records Remix


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Every single sound source on this tune comes from a cheesy 70’s Capitol Records promotional record. A great record, mind you, complete with faked dialogues between engineer and producer. At times, it’s messy, so hold onto your faders.

Guest said

been rehearsing all WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

Guest said

Yes, yes!

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shaiguitar said

I *love* this track :D

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jennifer said

A Very cool idea well executed!

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Oh My Goodness said

boy o boy. that split pan out at around 4:30 makes me swooooon!

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blunted said

nice bass jus droppin in now

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blunted said

hello sudara-i like the way it starts wiv those fx-reminded me of playing pld sega master systym games-mad vox-some crazy mixes thrown in there-had to fave it

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Oh My Goodness said

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! this just tickled me to high heck.

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-t. said

hey, 1)its really not clear to me how to reply to any comments made to tracks of mine...? 2)cheers for your comments! "My Sweet Darlin" was mostly me recording on top of me, and then a friend providing the other vox after. 3) "My Son" was a lot of fun to put together. The Books comment is a great compliment! The vox samples are a friend of mine and me. We used to play these two characters, these proud american fathers, a lot. ehehe. glad you dig it.

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