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Written for Oberlin production of “Closer” - metal samples from the oberlin scene shop and produced by Alec Longstreth banging on everything he can find. You can also check out Driving in Rain which uses the same sample set as part of the drum track.

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urgentwarningsfromspace said

digging the drums n soundz ;p

Guest said

Can't fight the funk.

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Gene Eric Mann said

Far out! Very groovy. Rock on!

Guest said


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sullyxx66 said

weird and like pink floyd.

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olifante said

interesting rhythm

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unadjustedeye said

i feel like this is the soundtrack to sped-up video. it's so much fun! i like that sound, sounds like a muted triangle or something? i like when it goes really fast

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Bacalao said

nice sounds here too! thanx for yer nice comments... big up!

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Oh My Goodness said

THIS IS A HOT TRACK. i imagine a robotic grandma knitting while robotic grandpa tinkers under the sink.

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Sudara said

well, yeah.

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brando said

You just made my day :)

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