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It’s a part of a documentary 15min. movie, I recently produced. The title of the movie is “Parvomaistora” - “The Grand Master”.
Finally, I could produce the film about my father, who was a great inventor and blacksmith master - Ilia Kovachev 1946-2005 from Gabrovo - Bulgaria.
The golden belt great master winner,
the constructor of fantastic machines, the
genius who dared to restore the
medieval clock of the Ehreinstein
castle in Germany, where the famous
composer J.S. Bach worked in…

Most of the movie music ( string orchestra ) was composed from a friend who is famous composer here. For some reason I had some inspiration and decided to break down the string music so decided to compose some electronic music in orthodox style.

By Ivan Kovachev

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richardlaceves said

very,,, very interesting,,,, a rich soundscape

Guest said

Really like the distant bass drum in this. It kinda has a Nobuo Uematsu kind of feel.

Guest said


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prog54 said

Very different and unique. Sets a strong mood. Good soundtrack piece.

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J dY Stamp said

Well produced track!

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tralk said

damn cool, and stretchy.

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kavin. said

Nice. Sounds like the Earth breathing. Fuzz hit it right on the head.

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fuzzfilth said

Hey Vacheto. Cool soundscape. Reminds me of Peter Gabriel's Passion

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