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War Of Words W/Baxters Revenge

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Parker sent me over this great backer to add some lyrics to…and i came up with this

life has become a war of words
all my meanings are being misheard
i know you can’t take no more
i don’t want us to fight anymore
i just need you to understand
i’m just man who loves,who needs,
whom your making bleed
You’ve got ta choice
just let it be

you’ve got to understand
i’m begging, please understand
you make my words seem so absurd
every thing i say seems to make you disturbed

all i’m trying to say is
i love you
i understand all the pain i caused,
i love you more and more each day
can’t we try to forget about yesterday
you got to stop twisting every thing i say
your not the only one who got burned
i’m getting fed up being misheard
I just want to you too understand my words

you’ve got to understand
i’m begging please just understand
you make my world seem so absurd
when every thing i say i s misheard
all i’m trying to say is, i love you
all i’m trying to say is i, need you
all i’m trying to say is i, love you

i love you

yesterday was a different day
i know
i did you wrong and broke you
i should have known
i should have stopped and seen the way
forgive me
please forgive me
forgive me

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Johnny Stone said

Great vocals mate like it