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A sad blues with the HB 12string and a broken hearted Reg Maybellene has left him and he’s hurting ….Hurting bad… Fall of the wagon bad !….. Thanks for listening


Night time comes and the feelings pour down like the rain
The top comes of the whiskey
And i don’t seem to think again
Night time comes around too soon
During the Day no one gets my pain
Everything is gone or going crazy
I’m going a little insane
The night time comes again to haunt me in my dreams
And baby I burn
Oh I burn

she done me wrong
When the night time comes
Oh I try to write that woman a song
Same thing every night
Oh I get drunk ,its where I belong
I want to hold her tight
But I know, I really did her wrong

I don’t know what to say or do
Cause I know there’s no forgiveness there
I know I could get down on my knees
but the prayers fall on deaf ears
Ain’t nothing I can door say to stop the pain I feel
Im on fire I’m in hell
I’m gonna burn
I’m gonna burn

Day time comes
The light, burns my eyes
Yeah Day time comes
All it does is the light just burns my eyes

I look inside myself and I tell you what I see
I see a fool, a fool looking back looking back right at me
I know the truth is stareing right in at me
Tells me what it is I was really mean’t to be
Oh how I burn
All I do is burn

The top comes of the whiskey
And I, I go and drink it down
Yeah The top comes of the whiskey
All I do, is drink it down

I start to relive the life I should of had andi feel the pain of regret
I start to burn up boy, I’m burning here alive
Nothing left but death and destruction on my mind
I’m going down for the count and I’m really doing my time
Ooh I burn
I’m gonna burn
Oh how I burn
Oh how I burn

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oldfolks2 said

Whisky and a broken heart ........ not good ... unless a Blues pops out ...... good stuff ....

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