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Cold Cold House w/ Paul Chapman


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Heres a story of a cold cold house
They walk by
Trying as they do to catch a glimpse, of life inside the cold, cold house
But the dark of the windows only reflect themselves
Their enquiry is rejected
The house keeps its secrets to it’s self away from the outside world
Everything is kept within
There are no words spoken within the walls
There is only emptiness echoing around
where once there was life
You would expect misery but misery left long ago
Chased away by joy
Joy was then replaced with grief
A grief so dark it covered everything with its gloom
Creeping from room to room till the house was full and cold

A coldness that could only be felt with in the bones
At the very heart of the house was a lonely soul full of love loss and regret
Pulsating the cold loneliness throughout the house
Where was hope?
Has all hope gone

Will anyone every take care of this house again
Reenter instead of passing by
Replenish the joy
Bring back hope
Shooh away the grief
Bring back warmth too the many rooms
Or has the house been condemned to the cold cold misery of grief

They walk by
No one takes notice of the cold cold house

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Colleen Dillon said

Wow... your music has such amazing variety. This is really cool!

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