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Go with the flow


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I was listening to Paul weller’s new album Fat Pop and was quite impressed by one of the songs using a flute in amoungst the other instruments so i thought i’d give it a go and got in the flow ….Thanks for listening

Baby don’t you know that the days just gonna flow
Life ain’t worth the worry cause your right in the flurry
You’ve gotta get t it on you gotta move real fast
Cause if you don’t hurry your gonna be last
You Gotta know
How to go
you gotta go with the flow

The night time comes and the stars do glow
And the people left behind well they don’t seem to know
The days come and the days they go
Sometimes it rains on others it snows
But you
you gotta to go
You gotta know how
you gotta go with the flow

Laid back you can walk it
You can slap it, try to talk it
Talk about the loving that we all seem to need
Put on your clothes get a little high stand there and powder up your nose
But never do what you don’t want to do
But baby you gotta go with the flow
Now lets go


Laid back and groove it
laid back a little stoned
I don’t care if your high you got to get it on
Do want you want to do
just groove it if you have to
Cause everybody know the truths its a lot of rot
you gotta to go out there and go with the flow
You’ve gotta flow

Just the other night somebody wanted to fight
I took to my toes I was of on a flight
He didn’t seem to know what the hell was going on
I didn’t want no trouble
I had to get it on
I had to go
With the flow

With the flow


With the flow

Now can you see what you gotta do to please
You gotta do what you can to keep up off your knees
You got stand up rights get the bad get gone
Now baby you got to do it but don’t get it wrong
And go
Yeah go
With the flow
You gotta go
With the flow
gotta go
With the flow
With the flow
You gotta go
You gotta know
To go
With the flow
With the flow
With the flow
With the flow

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Great '60's feel ......

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