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Is this what they call Love RPM 3


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This is the third more based on the doubts of the couples from tyhe seven year itch experiment Australia .
Thanks for listening

Somebody said that the sun won’t shine ,if you won’t be mine
That somebody put something deep in my ear and it won’t stop buzzing its not getting clear
Its eating me up, its causing me fear, oh baby can hear me here

Is this what they call love
Is this what they call love

You look my face and you look in my eyes, you can see the love I have no lie
But baby you don’t understand I ask for your help again again
Days go by I’m all by myself, theres no help, theres no help theres nothing left

Is this what they call love
Is this what they call love

Hold my hand, just show me some affection kiss my cheek oh baby please
Look at me and show me your love cause I tell you now that all I need
Everyday I feel so alone theres no touch I’m sorry down to my bones
Come on baby just show me you want me here I’m so alone

Is this what they call love
Is this what they call love

Your so jealous you get uptight every time a women comes into sight
When I walk on the street and I bump into an friend, its not her who I need
You find yourself living deep in the past , that wasn’t me, you must leave there
I only want one and that one is you cause, you are all I need

Tell me Is this what they call love love
Is this what they call love

s this what they call love
Is this whats called love

You get all uptight and I only breath, oh baby I can’t do, I can’t give you what you need, no
You tell me what I should and shouldn’t do, oh you boss me about, your trying to own me you
I want to run away, I want to get out, oh I scream, but I can not shout
I have no voice, cause you can not hear, you just tell me what to do oh baby please

Is this what they call love
Please tell me is this love

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James Michael Taylor said

Love is a bitch.

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Dirty Spirits said

so solid..

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