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let the love come out and play


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Was messing around this afternoon and came up with this …..
let the love come out and play
Now you tell me you’ve nothing to give
Yeh You tell me, you can’t get that hit
You tell me that you want it
You giving me nothing you don’t want to commit
Don’t you see it don’t work that way
When you’re giving nothing, nothing away
You hide it ,day after day
Oh come on baby come out and play
I want it
Yeah come on baby come on out and play

Now look me in the eye and don’t tell me no lie
Cause baby I can see right into your mind
Look down, deep down, deep down, deep in your soul
I know you want to hold me and hold me close
So let it all out let everyone know
That the love you have, you can’t keep a hold
You’ve got to let it, out to play
so come on now baby let it out to play
Yeah yeah
Come on
Let it out to play

You can’t hide
No You can’t run
Everything you feel is coming undone
So let it all out yeah come on and lets play
Show me your love
Show me it here today
Baby cause I know you want to come and play
Come on out
Let it go
You’ll feel better yeah I know
Let the love come out to play
Lets do it right now today
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Yeah come on let that love out to play

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Radio Roswell said

nice bluesy late 60's grind. yeah !

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Andrew Russe said

Yep. Mojo regained.

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oldfolks2 said

I love a bit of messin' .....

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