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Spanish Lady


Reg heard this collab (Quarter of a 60th Djörk (M.T.C.) and thought it brilliant, the music made it so easy to put the words to, a story of holiday romance…….with a bit of Tom Jonesing going on……….Thanks Djork and M.T.C for letting me play

My Spanish lady
Were you just a dream
With a whisper you have taken my heart from me
I held you tightly, i never wanted to leave
Now the empty darkness and a world i don’t know, becons me
Back into the whisper yeah the whisper of a dream i see
Can you hear me calling, cause I’m way in too deep
I had to leave you
cause The wind had my name, Spanish Lady
you have my heart and my soul
Spanish lady you hold all my dreams
I close my eyes and you are so real
your my Spanish lady
i crave to hold you
Spanish lady

Spanish Lady
Dance for me

Spanish Lady do your dance for me ooh Please

In my dreams i see you your eyes they so mysterious and Green
Ooh yeah
Spanish Lady, Spanish Lady,
Do your Dance for me, oh please Spanish Lady
Spanish Lady
It’s you that i need
i need i need i need
Spanish Lady, Spanish Lady make my dream real, come to me
Spanish lady do one more dance for me
Make my dreams real
Spanish Lady i love you

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