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The Headache w/ Janne Hietanen


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A bit of Heavy Rock to give you a headache
The tension is taught
the pressure it builds
The muscles are tight
The pain is unreal
The clot is released
Bouncing round my mind
Its a bullet loose
aimed at ending time

Stop this pain
Stop this pain
Stop this pain

Its cutting deep
Is this the end
Its Pulsing at my temple
again and again
Its pulsing up my neck
Coming over the top
Into my eyes
I’ve gone blind

Thats bastard keeps on kicking
Its kicking the door till the doors kicked in
Its making me bleed from the inside
It won’t stop again
The clot its getting bigger
Blocking the vain
Destroying my mind
Its pumping pain around around again
My entire body is Rotting
from the inside
Can I every stop this pain
The rot from my insides
How it builds
How it builds
Its all too much
How this pain builds

Its cutting deep
This must be the end
The pain in my neck is going over the top again
in my eyes
in my eyes
in my eyes
Am I going to die

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