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Walking in the park


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Here Another for this years RPM 2022
Walking in the park
I was walking in the park just the other day
And along walked this pretty babe
Her hair so long it reached her bum
I just had to talk to her
I said hello and then a little bit more

I said heh pretty baby
what are you doing walking that way
Why don’t you come and walk with me this way
We’ll do things that I’ve only dreamed
Then hopefully we’ll do more
I said hopefully we‘ll do more

We could get entangled in our thoughts and our dreams
We could get a big car and go down to the south for a while
We could go down to the south of France and tan ourselves all brown
Tan our selves all brown

Well I didn’t understand a word that she spoke
she was a foreign girl, Tall and bespoke
She shined she was so beautiful
Oh I think I was in love
Oh I think I was in love


We walked and talked and I made her laugh
We drank some wine a whole carafe
We walked for miles that afternoon
I played guitar and sang her a tune

We went for a meal we both ate spaghetti
She was so hot I got all sweaty
The afternoon went into night
I wanted to stay with her the whole Fortnite
The whole Fortnite

We made love under the moon
But it all ended way too soon
When daylight came and I fell out of bed
And realised it was all in my head

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