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02 I Can't Go On

This Wretched Vessel

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If I’m out of words
to brighten up your day
All that’s left of us
is rust and decay
Remember these moments
more than just alive
Think of these
times when we thrived

If the sun ceases to shine
forever runs out of time
If we’re all out of faith
and there’s no more amazing grace
and I can’t go on

Someday, I’ll lack the strength
to hold up my head
I won’t have breath
to get out of bed
Know in that moment
Who I belong to
I wouldn’t change a thing
for another life with you

will of the sun's avatar
will of the sun said

Wonderful song, great melodies and vocal harmonies.

A Beautiful Scene's avatar
A Beautiful Scene said

And quite the change of pace.. That Dobro is an excellent addition!

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Andrew Russe said

I think this the first time I've ever heard any of your stuff. Woah, loving it.

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