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03 Between You And Me

This Wretched Vessel

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If we take a moment Ignore what divides us two
Just take a moment What would we see
Would I see a brother Might I be your friend
Might there be more that binds us hand in hand

Between you and me are the same old songs
Between you and me we all sing along
Between you and me we want to right the wrongs
Between you and me, between you and me

If we take a moment and not see with our eyes
could we unlearn all that which divides
might I see a neighbor would I call you kin
If you came to my house would I let you in

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will of the sun said

Agreed, very anthemic. Definitely a bar belter.

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A Beautiful Scene said

I could see the lot of us RPMers singing this in a bar somewhere in downtown Portsmouth NH. This could be the anthem to our lack of get together.

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Andrew Russe said

Another perfectly formed song presented in a way that grabs/moves me - love it.

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